Maddi jane barricade

Barricade is the first single of Maddi Jane. It was realesed on YouTube on her YouTube channel, maddijanemusic, on May 31, 2012.


This is the YouTube video for Maddi Jane's music video for Barricade.
Maddi Jane - Barricade (Official Music Video)

Maddi Jane - Barricade (Official Music Video)


It is about someone defending a person. She is a "barricade" to someone on a battle.

YouTube Likes and ViewsEdit

At YouTube, the Barricade music video has over 408,350 views. It also hsd over 20,530 likes.



I know it’s hard, I can feel it too

So don’t bother faking

It doesn’t matter what troubles you

I will help you take it

Here from the rain I shelter you

Till the storm is ended

Fired as arrows, words untrue

But I’ll defend

Miss pitiful, you’re so beautiful

I’m a light on, fall on me, fall on me


Before the battle begins and until it’s through I’m like a barricade

In between anything and you

So no matter how far

Whatever it takes

You will make it through the day I’m your barricade


Love is too real for a fairy tale

Soon over after

Time is a healer but I won’t fail

To be with you faster

Miss pitiful, you’re so beautiful

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