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About Maddi Jane

Madelein Jane Grace "Maddi" Munkhorgil is a pretty,talented young singer who was born on September 4, in 1998. She has a younger sister called Mia. Maddi Jane has been singing since she was a little girl. When she was on the Ellen Degeneres show, there was a video of her, singing while walking on a bed. Maddi Jane became famous after uploading her coves of songs by famous artists like Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift. At the time of this writing, the talented young singer’s YouTube channel ‘maddijanemusic’ has attracted over 165 million total upload views, and it has over 480,000 subscribers. Because of her achievements, Maddi Jane was invited to be a guest on Ellen Degeneres Show last year. In the show, Maddi Jane performed a song titled “Breakeven.”

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